At Tin Shed, we pride ourselves on producing artisan whiskies that do not disappoint.

Our focus is always on flavour rather than efficiency. Everything is done by hand with meticulous attention to detail and quality. We use local grain, local peat and local Mallee stumps to smoke it. We do not chill-filter our whiskies, so it is quite common to see some flocculation in the bottle (give it a good shake and it will dissolve again). 

Our coopers are South Australian and source the best oak for our casks. We know this because they drink our whiskies and insist on drinking only the best quality whisky!

Whisky making is an art; it requires good quality ingredients, good oak, skill and, finally, enough time in the right environment to produce the depth and richness of flavour we strive for in our whiskies. We aim to produce a masterpiece each time; a whisky that will entice, tease and satisfy the most discerning palate and deliver enjoyment with every sip.