All About Liqueurs

Author: Nicola Taylor   Date Posted:15 July 2020 

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Consumers are becoming more courageous with cocktail creation at home. Messing around with fun flavours and exciting ideas.

But when out on the town, these same consumers are searching for gastronomic works of art!

In a world that sometimes feels like ‘it’s all been done before’, liqueurs are the missing piece that makes magic happen behind any bar – even in restaurant kitchens.

Liqueurs are typically low in abv (alcohol by volume), around 15 – 30%, but can be found with up to 55% abv. They are sweet and can be flavoured with fruits, nuts, herbs, flowers, chocolate, or even coffee.

Because of their sweetness and syrup or creamy like consistency, liqueurs can add depth of flavour and texture to your cocktails or boozy dessert offerings.

All you need is a little creativity.

How are Liqueurs different from Spirits?

For starters, liqueurs are made with a base spirit. Whiskey, rum and vodka are the main spirits used to create liqueurs. From here, additional flavours and sugar are added.

You can serve liqueurs much in the same way as spirits; neat, on ice, in cocktails or served in a dessert.

A few different types of Liqueurs

With such an expansive flavour choice, it’s impossible to mention every type of liqueur on this page alone. So, here are the must haves in any bartender or chef’s arsenal.


Cream Liqueur

Irish cream is the most recognised cream liqueur. Typically, cream liqueurs have a base spirit of rum or whiskey, but Irish cream liqueurs must include Irish whiskey.

As well as using fresh dairy cream, Coole Swan use Belgium white chocolate in their Irish cream liqueur to create a sweet and smooth tasting experience.

Cream liqueurs are involved in just about every creamy cocktail and are a creative addition to any boozy dessert. Visit our Coole Swan page to view a delicious range of Irish cream inspired recipes.



Crème Liqueur

It should be noted that crème liqueurs are entirely different from cream liqueurs. Crème refers to ‘the best of’. These liqueurs are rich in creamy flavours. However, they don’t actually incorporate any real cream or milk ingredients.

Crème liqueurs are usually flavoured with additional fruits, nuts or herbs and can come in a variety of colours.

Paris Rose is a classic example, imparting luxurious strawberries and cream flavours in a stunning clear-pink, vodka-based liquid.





Coffee Liqueur

Exactly as it sounds. Coffee liqueur is flavoured with espresso and typically has a base spirit of vodka or rum. You’ve likely used coffee liqueur before in a White Russian or Tiramisu.


Fruit or Berry Liqueurs

Heard of schnapps before? Schnapps and Fruit liqueurs are similar, but not the same. Traditional schnapps is typically higher in abv, clear and distilled from macerated and fermented fruit.

Fruit liqueurs are made with fruit and a base spirit. These flavours are typically true and amplified versions of the fruit or berry used in the liqueur. You’ll find fruit liqueurs available in a variety of colours.

If you’re going for a cocktail or dish with distinct fruity elements, try incorporating a fruit liqueur.

Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is a nostalgic liquid that keeps true to the cinnamon and apple elements of an apple pie. Try this one over ice-cream or incorporate into a creamy, fruit focused dessert.

Barmania can help you offer your customers a work of art in cocktail or dessert form. View our liqueurs range for recipes and inspiration.